• Jun 18 3pm UTC+9
  • Apollo: 30 minutes


  • Inactive lords are moved to inactive areas, as per the standards.
  • Kingdoms get rearranged according to their score. (Moved by up to 5 kingdoms)
  • Empty kingdoms may be added.
  • Some kingdoms in areas that have too many empty kingdoms may be removed.
    • Kingdoms may move more than 5 kingdoms if empty kingdoms get removed.
    • Kingdoms that have no occupied dominion are liable to removal.


Visual Novel

  • Added new main quests and sub quests.


  • Fixed the amount of Hellgate raid rewards.
  • Fixed the issue where the tax is applied as 200%, not 50%, in dominions.
  • Fixed the range of Temple tax rate; the kingdoms whose tax rate is 20% or over 20% will have the rate decreased by 10%.


  • Fixed the error in the speed buff of Monster Coach.
  • Fixed the error in the attack damage buff of Cerberus.
  • Edited the description of yield buffs of Spartan Traditional Necklace.
  • Edited the description of yield buffs of Spartan Luxurious Necklace.
  • Edited the description of yield buffs of Fairy Necklace.
  • Added the Coach slot to Amphitrite.
  • Added Catapult and Trebuchet to the affected unit list of Sea Coach.

Yes, yes, yes… BUT where are the patch notes about the throne system? Im not going to suicide 70% of my troops with out knowing how the **** it works -__-.
You cant make a masive update (the most important one in the game) and just let it be with out any information about how it works…CMON

You can read 3K system for now here until they give us our own throne system