(CM Ares) #1



  • Mar 19 3pm UTC+9
  • Apollo: 10 minutes


  • Inactive lords are moved to inactive areas, as per the standards.
  • Kingdoms get rearranged according to their score. (Moved by up to 25 kingdoms)
  • Empty kingdoms may be added.
  • Some kingdoms in areas that have too many empty kingdoms may be removed.
    • Kingdoms may move more than 25 kingdoms if empty kingdoms get removed.
    • Kingdoms that have no occupied dominion are liable to removal.


Visual Novel

  • Chapter IV quests are added.
  • Study quests are added.
  • A new level of advertisement rewards, daily quests, weekly quests, and merchants is added.

Chasm Destroyer Fame Buff

  • Destroying chasms or great chasms now, with low chance, may grant you with a buff that increases your fame for a certain amount of time.
  • The buff affects every dominion.
  • The duration and the amount of the increased fame are as follows:
    • Chasm – Fame +10,000 / Lasts for 5 minutes
    • Great Chasm – Fame +100,000 / Lasts for 1 hour
  • Every time you get another buff, its duration gets extended.
    • e.g., if you acquire 2 Great Chasm Destroyer Buffs in a row, the buff will last for 2 hours.


Ended Events

  • 2048 Gods’ Quest Released! Ranking Event