(CM Ares) #1



  • Jun 12 2pm UTC+9, for 5 minutes


  • Inactive families are moved to inactive areas, as per the standards.
  • Cities get rearranged according to their score. (Moved by up to 5 cities)
  • Empty cities may be added.
  • Some cities in areas that have too many empty cities may be removed.
    • Cities may move more than 5 cities if empty cities get removed.
    • Cities that have no occupied town are liable to removal.
    • The city score of cities get recalculated.



  • Fixed the bug that it was not able to share 8-star champions on Facebook.
    • On Jun 12, the Sycees will be given to the users who couldn’t receive them.
    • You get 10 Sycees for each share of 8-star champion.


Summer! Northeast Asia Is on Fire!

It’s June and summer is coming in northeast Asia! We are giving various specialties to help you survive this summer! Regain health with Ginsengs. Salt to supplement salt in your body, Oil to turn on your air conditioner, Silk parasols, and pillows made out of Bamboo! I hope you find these resources very helpful!

  • Duration – Jun 12’s EQ to Jun 26’s EQ
  • Description – Specialties are given everyday via in-game message
    • 6.12 – 6.14 - 100 Salt in total
    • 6.15 – 6.17 - 100 Oil in total
    • 6.18 – 6.20 - 100 Ginseng in total
    • 6.21 – 6.23 - 100 Bamboo in total
    • 6.24 – 6.26 - 100 Silk in total