Earthquake -- 1st Revision

(CM Ares) #1



  • Jun 5 2pm UTC+9, for 30 minutes


  • Inactive families are moved to inactive areas, as per the standards.
  • Cities get rearranged according to their score. (Moved by up to 5 cities)
  • Empty cities may be added.
  • Some cities in areas that have too many empty cities may be removed.
    • Cities may move more than 5 cities if empty cities get removed.
    • Cities that have no occupied town are liable to removal.
    • The city score of cities get recalculated.

1st Revision

Balance Adjustment and Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted the efficiency of time decrease by attributes in buildings.
  • Corrected the drill requirements for War Elephants.
  • Made Villager Boy, Villager Archer, and Villager Shieldman cheaper, and increased their damage and HP.


New Champions

  • Zhou Yu 8-Star


  • Wang Ping 7-Star

  • 6-Star
    Guan Suo, Shen Pei, Pan Zhang

  • 5-Star
    Sima Fu, Zhang Chunhua, Sun Luban

Changes to Zhuge Liang Talents

  • 4th Talent changed to Study VIII
  • 5th Talent changed to Four Ideas of Shu
  • 6th Talent changed to Picture of Eight Arrays
  • 9th Talent changed to Resolute Orders


  • Some weekly quests are added.

Balance Adjustment

  • Better Saddle will now cost Silk.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the typo in the discount event of Tavern Reroll Tickets. – 230 >> 150

Laboratory bonus