Earthquake -- 1st Revision



  • Jun 11 2pm UTC+9
  • Peach Garden: 60 minutes
  • Heroic Savior: 60 minutes
  • Three Visits: 60 minutes


  • Inactive families are moved to inactive areas, as per the standards.
  • Cities get rearranged according to their score. (Moved by up to 5 cities)
  • Empty cities may be added.
  • Some cities in areas that have too many empty cities may be removed.
    • Cities may move more than 5 cities if empty cities get removed.
    • Cities that have no occupied town are liable to removal.

1st Revision


  • Fixed the collection issue.


  • Fixed some items whose effects were not properly applied.


  • Made Trade Post easier to build.


  • Added collection quests.


Champion Speed Increased

  • The speed of champions will be increased to 100 at minimum.

Trade System Improvements

  • Now you can trade with your own towns.
  • However, the more towns you have in a city, the less profit you’ll make from trading in that city.
  • I.e.) if you have 3 towns in a city, the profit in that town becomes a third of usual.

Phantom Manor Raids

  • When you are starting a raid you can invite others just like you’ve been doing so far but even if the members reach the limit, you cannot start the raid for the next 24 hours.
  • The invitees can check out the level of the Phantom Manor and the expected treasures.
  • The most important change is that the inviters can accept as many lords as they want regardless of the limit.
  • That is, within the 24 hours, every lord can accept the raid offer.
  • And after the 24 hours, the inviter must choose the members they’ll take from the list.
  • At the end of the raid, when the rewards are given, the rewards are also given to those who were not chosen as the members.
  • In other words, all the invitees get rewards, and the unchosen get a fraction(1 / the number of the unchosen) of 50% of the special resources acquired from the raid.
  • So the more you invite, the less you’ll get from the raids.
  • And the rest of the rewards, the other 50%, are equally distributed to the members who actually did the raids.


New Server Opening Event

Time Frame

  • Jan 11’s EQ to Jan 25’s EQ


  • New server for Three Kingdoms, Three Visits, has been opened!!!
  • Hoping many of you like the new server, we’ll give you, as if with the generous heart of Liu Bei, 30 Sycees.