DragonLL new player basic guide

Hey everyone! DragonLL here with a basic guide to assist you get on the right track and not make mistakes like I did when I started merely a week ago! SURPRISE you can learn a whole lot in one week!

*Firstly I’d like to say thank you to Heroic Savior server for being very friendly and I like how everyone, even though we were all new, came together and shared any new knowledge. I am writing this to help those who come because this is a great game that mixes realistic history of the Three Kingoms with fun, artsy battles and story!



  • This isn’t your typical build, drill, study MMO strategy game thay just wants your hard earned money! This game has HEART! And it shows right off the bat.

  • In the beginning you will be lost as we all were, but fear not, the main quests will get you started. It’s not a tutorial so to speak but a introduction into the type of game you are getting into.

  • Most importantly the main quests give you much needed resources and lots of them to jump start your economy as well as troops, luxuries and other useful items! Not to mention the story is AMAZING to read and follow along with. I don’t want to spoil it but the story alone makes the game worth playing!


  • If you want to take a break from reading the story then don’t worry the game had alot of content to shuffle through and understand. First off building. Always always always always keep building! EVERY building has some important feature that makes it worth investing time and resources into. There is no useless building in this game! Even the storage is important to upgrade!

Doing so will increase your prosperity of that town, which in turn dictates how high your other buildings can level. So leveling everything is important for balance.

  • Studying is the 2nd most important aspect of this game. 3 research tree’s divide the studying, basic, industry and military.
    Get a head start and focus in basic studying first, this will unlock certain other studies that will become invaluable later on while at the same time providing you benefits as these are main quests requirements.

  • Industry is most important after that. It has studies that will improve resource output and so much more and is the backbone of your economy. AND YES getting a boosting economy is actually important in this strategy game! So do no neglect these!

  • Finally the military tree can be held off on, as most of its studies are only good for later when you have many troops BUT key studies are blended in there as well so make sure to keep an eye on those when you unlock them. These studies are not related to troop stat increase but utility focused to protect your booming economy.

  • Socializing is the most important part of this game! THE MOST IMPORTANT! What you don’t know can be learned from others. But socializing main benefit is friends. This is a strategic game at it’s core so making allies and just in general being friendly will reward you with crew invitations which is a friend system in game. Every crew members added gives 1% resource generation to you. BUT if that wasn’t enough then know and remember this one thing! If you make friends and socialize eventually you will be INVITED to join a what is known as a “trader city”

  • In a trader city you can pioneer a spot and chat and trade goods With other active and most likely strong players! This is the biggest benefit of socializing as you can make millions of profit from trader cities so start early and be nice!


  • Ok relax we all want Guan Yu and LuBu BUT if it were that easy this game would be end game in about 2 weeks max lol. BUT that does not mean you have to wait MONTHS to get these legendary heroes! Stay consistent with study and you will unlock huge boosts to your repute, (which is your standing in the realm.) And upgrade taverns to spread your fame around and destroy bandits and you will wake up one day with perhaps Cao Cao himself ready to join you!

  • It is easy to be impatient but luckily this game knows such trivials and simple research and staying active will bring them to you before you know it…

  • Of course not to sound like a sell out but I mean… a $19.99 THIRTY DAY VIP subscription is within budget for me personally. And it lasts 30 days gives sychees(the diamonds currency that is abundant for those that don’t want to!) And is just a convenient option for cheap budget but long term gameplay.

3.) Whew this list is getting long, erm I mean uh, CHAMPIONS AND BALANCE

  • Champions require GREAT amount of attention! Each champion is unique not just in stats but each champion is a character from the Three Kingdoms period with a short, descriptive backstory.(SUPER COOL BTW NIKEA)

  • But most important when you are getting a champion look at his or her talents. These are talents that give buffs when assigned to buildings or to the champions stats, for example;
    A champion that has “Logging V” talent will give a major boost to the sawmill if that champion reaches the required level to unlock such talent and will give HUGE boost to wood production. These must be absolutely taken into account in that each champion is best served at a certain place and to get maximum advantage should be played to those strengths. Start early unlike me! I have 40 champions and have to assign and move them all over the place because I didn’t know better!

-Yes we all want to but when just started it took me 8 days personally to get a force to take the city palace. It is very advantageous and people will respect you for owning one! Shows you are active and not a pushover! BUT beware! Other players are in your city with you and you must treat them right with proper, agreeable taxes or they will try to take it from you or call upon the yellow turbans themselves to weaken you. (Also super COOL feature nikea!)

  • In sieging palace you should have 30,000 troops, with 1,000 siege units with them and preferably with a legion to give more of your champions THOSE SWEET JUICY Exp. Buying a cheap war buff in store with your free sychees will also increase the EXPs earned so now you know that!


  • Don’t forget to relax from the strategy aspect of the game and read the story! It’s funny, cute, serious, you name it, it’s got it! spoiler but not really but still a spoiler, NIKEA breaks the 4th wall, and they do it effortlessly and out of the blue lol.


  • Legion is a study you must do to unlock the use of formations that your champions have. You can assign 10 champions to a single legion with one of them being the main commander! So cool!
    *Those requires PATIENCE. Do not rush this process, creating a legion can be very beneficial but BEWARE currently there is no disband option so while you can withmove the assigned champions that make up the bulk of the formation your commander will be stuck as commander of formation. Efforts have been made to find the promised disband button but all have turned fruitless.


  • This is a strategy game and we must think above and beyond! While you can’t currently or at least to Heroic Saviors server knowledge disband a created legion you CAN switch commanders so you don’t lose a commander to forever being stuck as a commander. Such commanders are mostly strategists who have legacies that assist in battle and a wide range of formation. But these champions also have great talents that are wasted away as commanders of legions cannot be assigned to patrols or buildings for easy EXPs. So.in order to circumvent this choose a for lack of a better term “Disposable” champion as your legion commander whenever you are not currently using that legion.

  • Going by talents is also important. Talents such as “Dueling IV” and “Prestige II” increase damage and HP of champion and these champions should be the forefront of who you choose to be in a Legion.

  • It’s also important to note that battles are not your average battle reports with numbers and that’s it. The battles in this game go in DETAIL all you have to do is click the “Log” button in a report to see the report in its fully glory, animation, numbers and everything is all there to help you maximize your strategy your way.

OK guys if you made it this far then know there is still much to learn and more then meets the eye when you hop in game and as you play more features will unlock to you making you more powerful and richer. But this is just the basics guide and notes important things that should be focused on as well as questions I and many others have asked in chat seeking the knowledge only to see the other players have similar questions but we just end up talking instead anyways. Until next time DragonLL out!

…PS Zhou Tai shouldn’t be a 4 star! Xc


Good guide! Weel done! ^^