DragonLL new player Advanced guide

Hey guys DragonLL here again with another guide birthed from attaining more knowledge on the game. This time it’s the advanced version!

If you have read the beginners guide then you should have noticed some things that werent covered. Fear not for I, DragonLL will graciously share my knowledge with you! … Well let’s begin!

These include resources like salt, oil, bamboo, etc.

  • The most important part of special resources is how you manage them. I had hoarded mine since the beginning only using them when necessary! This is important! Studies cost more special resources as you progress while getting special resources stays the same. So you must prioritize what’s important to you with the special resources you do recieve.

Clearing bandits camps with champions with high speed and luck attributes give a good chance to get special resources anywhere from 0-10 of a special resource per clear, sometimes even sychees! It is important to clear at least 10 bandit camps per day to maximize your special resource gain.

Additionally wealthy sub cities might be tempting for their high resource yeild but taking the other cities are more important simply because they give a special resource. Overtime this will be of great benefit to your study progress so start early! Spare not even a single slot for wealthy towns!

Diplomacy cost no special resources so study that as often as possible, it is in the industry tab of the laboratory and studying this will give +1 to maximum sub town slots. There is no special resource thay should be prioritized more then the others


Silk does not really come in handy until later on so that should be the only one you relax on.

  • which studies you use your valuable special resources on are up to you. Personally I have seen a balanced approach give me best results. I invest heavily into the basics tab of the laboratory into studies that advance the main story line, which by the way require HEAVY amounts of salt and bamboo so save those for those studies is highly recommended unless you want to be stuck and fall behind like many I have seen! I also focus on 100-man tactics and higher walls for military advantages, and in industry I invest very small to contruction and similar studies that promote growth.

OK it is important to note that the tavern will refresh every 2 hours. Maximize the chances of you hiring a high star champion by taking advantage of that to adhere to your schedule. If you are at work but have a break at 3pm then refresh the tavern on a odd hour so that when you go on break you will have a fresh reset of champions.

It is important to invest into a towns tavern as much as it is into it’s trade post or mansion. A higher level tavern carries more fame and every 10 levels will give an additional visiting champion so stay on top of those!

If you see a champion with a promising legacy hire them so you can take it and put it on a higher star champion later.


  • You don’t need a high level academy to make use of its features. The main features of the academy you will be using later on is the merge feature. Where you will merge a low star champion with exp to a high star champion you just got to give them a huge boost to their level right as you get them!

The most important feature of the academy is move feature where you can select a champion you want to RECIEVE a legacy and then select a champion whose legacy you want to SACRIFICE. Legacies that look identical can not be moved to a champion even if they have different effects. It will replace the legacy on that champion instead.

SO even though as you progress and 3 star champions outlive their usefulness you can still benefit from hiring them by taking their legacies and giving it to your more stronger champions. This costs alot of silver and has a small chance to succeed and there is a chance that the champions being sacrificed will leave so do not move legacies between two champions if you value both of them!


  • The best aspect of this game is it combat and although there is alot to be learned here, in the advanced guide we will focus on attaining troops and having quality control. Battle mechanics will be introduced in the expert guide to be made later.

Quests give you troops. And lots of them! Train 50 Bowen and you get bowman as the quest reward. Follow these before doing any attacks. It is recommended being a defensive player until you reach a 50,000 troop threshold. If you attack a palace or active player with less then that and your troops will die. All of them. I’ve seen it happen many times.

Which brings me to quality control. Training 10,000 militia will not be as effective as diversifying your troops with spearman, heavy infantry even if it’s only 1,000 of each. Why? Because of a mechanic, the only combat mechanic we will discuss is control.

If you have 10,000 militia only a fraction of them will participate in combat for that turn. Maybe 1,000 or so depending on your champion and the level of your 100-man tactics study. So having overwhelming numbers does not translate into victory or any advantage unless of course those numbers are from high quality troops discussed earlier.

So start early and diversify, if you have 10,000 militia you are only hurting yourself into believing since you have a numbers advantage that victory is gaurnteed. Even though this game is artsy and fun NIKEA still likes to follow a theme of realism here and there and it only makes sense that 10,000 troops don’t all participate in one big nosh pit of a battle because they would have to trample over each other to fight the enemy. So that’s the reason behind that mechanic. Control is important no doubt!

  • Well that is all for the advanced guide! Even though I created the Beginners guide because of an event that rewards with sychees depending on the quality of the guide I found it so enjoyable to write a guide that I made this one just for fun! Combine the knowledge gained from the Beginners guide and this advanced guide and you are well on your way to a successful gameplay experience!

DragonLL out…

PS: Zhou Tai is still a 4 star xC


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