Description and Whatnot

Hello milords,

I’m here to ask about the description of Categories and Sub-Categories. For example, what topic to make and what topic to avoid in #orpheus-story:qna (I believe this is necessary) because:

  1. I don’t know where to actually ask about tips and tricks in the game. Should it be in #orpheus-story:qna or should it be in #orpheus-story:discuss or probablt in #orpheus-story:suggestion ?
  2. There aren’t any specific sub-category to actually cater on Orpheus Story. Probably like Hero Build, Quest 101, Beginner 101.
  3. In any way, everything should start to be curated too for aestethical pleasantry and to avoid misscommunication.

Ofc, this only a wistful thinking. I hope this forum will develop to be better over time.

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I appreciate your thoughtful suggestion! I’ll consider how to categorize topics in this forum! :slight_smile: