Common Mistakes and Pro Tips

If you are looking for some good beginning tips I suggest reading Nuki’s guide here(Beginners Tips) or by asking the chat in game. The in game chat is more helpful than the chats in other games.

Early Game Bullying
Some players do not want to put money into the game but some players will. If you end up in a city with others players who put money into the game there really is no way of defeating them. While the game does have an in game option to buy a fresh start, it is far better to uninstall and then reinstall the game. That’s the free version.

Settling Cities
At the beginning of the game the player will be able to place four new cities with a relatively small amount of game play. It is extremely important to either wait and place those cities in trade cities or make your own city a trade city. If you can’t trade it will become impossible to progress in the quest line at some point.

Taverns and Laboratories
Two of the most important parts of the game are the taverns and the laboratories. One thing many players misunderstand is that the taverns and laboratories of other cities are both connected and not connected at the same time. By building more of each they will increase their respective distributions. For example if you have two taverns each producing 20,000 fame then the players fame will be increased by 40,000 in all taverns. By assigning a hero the player can increase their fame output and many players think that since fame of taverns are connected then fame produced by the heroes would also be connected. They are not. In all buildings, the assigned hero only buffs the city they are in.

The Two Most Important Talents In The Game
Getting champions is the best thing for progressing in the game. Assigning better heroes earns more income, quicker studies, better armies and more. Better heroes can save the player months of time which is why the are so important. That’s why the two most important talents in the entire game are Hearsay and Virtue. Hearsay is the best talent because it gives the most fame to the player. Hearsay increases in value by powers of 2 ending with Hearsay of 10 being 512,000. Virtue is also important by not only increasing fame(not as much as hearsay does) but also increases the number of champions visiting a tavern. Which gives more chances for better heroes to arrive.

Unknown Talents
If the player ever comes across an unknown talent just ask chat or join a discord server. It is far better this way then spending time to increase a hero to find out the talent is terrible like Capturing and Extended Capturing. Those talents are about killing fleeing heroes who have attacked you. They don’t help win the war, they help win a winning war which is useless in this game.

Sycees Usage
Without spending money, the best way to obtain Sycees is to watch ads. When watching ads the player will be offered a variety of rewards. Sycees is the only good one and all other rewards should be rejected. When spending Sycees there is a peddler that comes by sells various good. Do not bother with the peddler and instead save up sycees. After buying two study limits, the only thing the Sycees should be used on are two things. The first is reroll tickets and the second is champions pack. The campion pack increases the number of reroll tickets and the number of visiting champions for two hours. The best time to spend sycees on reroll tickets is during the Bonus Burning Event Season. To check what season your in click in the top left next to the vip level. Tickets are cheaper so the player will spend less sycees during that season.