Can't play anymore : several major bugs since last update

Since last update, the game has become impossible to play.
I use last version of Android (10 + One UI 2.5) and tried several time to uninstal and reinstal 3K app.

Mains issues :

  • resources blocked at 0 in every towns and palaces

  • trade goods blocked at 0 also

  • time for champions attacking bandit camps set at 00:00 also, but possible to attack nevertheless (the game also find the resources for attacking)

  • minor bugs in messages

Several other players have the same issue.

In some countries, such as France, Turkey, Vietnam, etc., when displaying the number 1000, it is used as 1.000 instead of 1,000, but it seems that a notation error occurred as this was changed to be distinguished during the update of this Google request.

dev team found the cause of the problem, new version will be released soon. ( dev team is currently fixing it but needs some time. )

if you need urgent fix, please change android phone’s language as english(u.s.). please be careful this is not the language of the game client but phone’s language.

really sorry for this inconvnience.

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thanx !