Building exp distribution

Barrack, arsenel, trade post, lab, tavern gives 20k exp per refresh;

Farm,market,iron mine, sawmill,storage gives 10k exp per refresh;

Mansion gives 120k ,academy gives 320k exp per refresh.

Updated 16th Aug 2018.

#level up hero in fast way#

recommend to lvl your hero in buildings up to lv40 then send to bandits camp.As higher lv hero more exp in bandits camp(upgraded for each 5lv difference of your hero).

: tips : you can do it using higher level hero legion with lower lv hero, send to bandits camp, because legion is the average lv of all hero in a legion.

send your hero to attack palace 3 >: around 100m exp; palace 4>: around 300m
exp , please bear in mind leader should have 400 above control and full strategies activated to reduce casualties. (12hrs cd each time attack,can reset cd by spending few scyee) >>attack palace every 12hrs twice a day

#using drill ticket in summer week (once in a month)to high lv hero/lv90 or above
//ticket lvling cost many silver and faster lvling to high lv hero which so slow in bandit camps hunt and palace.