Beginners Guide for F2P (Resource Gain)

Beginners Guide for Free to Play Players and how to start maximizing your resource gains.

Reroll or Start playing?
It’s always nice to start with a nice 6*+ champion. I personally recommend to start with a good 5-6*+ champion with high resource yields and with the starting event rewards makes it easier. Otherwise just start to enjoy the game and story.

Spending Sycee:
1)Purchase the Event Beginner’s Pack
2)1 Permanent Build Limit+1
3)1 Permanent Study Limit+1

Being F2P makes Sycee all that more precious. These purchases are essential to help you advance in the game at a faster pace. Purchase the Beginner’s Pack early to fully utilize the build and study slot that comes with it. Purchasing it later on will be less effective as building and researches will only take longer as you progress making the amount of builds and studies a lot less. Purchase at least one permanent Build and Study limit+1 to speed up the game progress. Recommended to purchase another permanent Build and Study limit+1 after beginner’s pack expires. Champion packs are recommended much later on in the game when your VIP and taverns are higher level to increase your chances of getting high star champions per reroll ticket. Buying VIP points from peddler is as a great investment as it increases your chances of high star champions at the tavern.

Game Time:
1)Focus on completing all quests with Story Quests as priority for rewards and advancement in game.
2)Build Trade Post ASAP to start trading with other players in your city. (Only trade with the Top1-2 highest profit player in your city to maximize profits)
3)Check Tavern(refreshes every 2hrs) often to maximize your chances of getting a high star champion.
4)Build buildings evenly and base it on your current quests, otherwise focus on mansion, market, trade post.
5)Research according to quests, otherwise focus on increasing trade profits such as Accounting, Process Goods, More Goods, Faster Trading.
6)Pioneer as soon as possible as fast as you can to start doubling your growth, but not in the same city as you can’t trade with your own towns. Pioneer to a trade city with active traders.
7)Chat and add people to your crew/family list to increase your resource gain by 1% per crew.
8)Raid as much bandits as you can for drops. (100sycee if lucky)
9)Advance as fast as possible through quests to increase the value of resources per Ads. (20sycee if lucky)
10)Don’t raid other players unless they are inactive, starting a war early only slows down your growth. (To minimize lost of repute decrease their like-o-meter to 0 by canceling trades with them and remove them from your crew list.)
11)Enjoy the game!

I put a heavy emphasis on trade profits because it’s one if not the best way to get resources to research, drill and build whatever you need to progress in the game. Easily getting millions of coins per trade and purchasing the other resources through the market. Have Fun and take breaks in between.


Informative and simple, thanks!


Agreed, some nice and helpful tips you got there Destiny, thanks for being helpful in game as well.

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Thanks guys, ask or PM me in game if you have other questions :slight_smile: