5 Things Recruiters Think You Should Know

Home page Articles SEO Interview Tips: 5 Things Recruiters Think You Should Know Interview Tips: 5 Things Recruiters Think You Should KnowPosted: 2019-04-26You’ve written your resume, reviewed it dozens of times, and submitted it to your dream organization for your desired position. A few weeks later, you received an email from them, revealing that you had been shortlisted for the interview in two weeks.Your heart leapt with joy for about a minute, even though somewhere inside you felt a pang of uncertainty. Over the days, your uncertainty goes from worry to panic!Do not worry ! We are here to help you. If you haven’t read my previous article on how you should approach the 10 most asked interview questions, I suggest you do. You never know if they can help. After scouring a number of interview tips on the Net, I found five “truths” about job interviews Cameroon Phone Number List that you should write down before the big day itself.1. Impress EVERYONEMany respondents are unaware that some organizations solicit the opinion of receptionists on their hiring decisions. After all, formal interviews don’t reveal what social skills they have or don’t have. A comprehensive assessment can take into account what happens behind the scenes , especially how interviewees act while waiting for their turn.impress everyoneThis is where they meet the other job applicants as well as the receptionist, so it’s a good opportunity for the potential employer to assess their interpersonal skills in an informal setting .body language speaksOther than that, receptionists can tell if the interviewee is well prepared and can even get a rough idea of ​​their personality from their demeanor.For example, if you rummage through your interview notes or go to the bathroom a lot, the receptionist will notice that you are anxious and insecure.Recommended article: Top 10 most asked interview questionsOn the other hand, if you enter the compound waiting room with a friendly smile and a positive attitude, the receptionist will probably think that you are all well prepared for the interview.What should you do then?Just behave as you would if you know you are being observed or interviewed. Some interviewees tend to take advantage of these moments to rehearse or relax a bit before entering the room.They didn’t know they were being watched. As long as you don’t do anything weird or inappropriate , you won’t be graded unnecessarily.Yes, we all know that first impressions count when it comes to meeting someone new. It’s more important when it comes to occasions like an interview: when someone deliberately assesses you and scrutinizes your speech and body language. In fact, the first five minutes of your interview is the critical time to impress them. Miss it and you could find yourself losing the deal even though you sent in a top-notch resume.