2048 Gods' Quest Released! Ranking Event


Time Frame

  • Feb 26 to Mar 21 4am UTC+9


  • Rewards will be given to the lords ranked at 1st to 100th in the rankings of 2048 Gods’ Quest Score Mode at the end of the event.
    • 1st to 10th – 1x 7 Star Champion
    • 11th to 50th – 1x 6+ Star Champion
    • 51st to 100th – 1x 5+ Star Champion
  • If you end up within the top 100, you can leave your name and comment. Write your lordname and the server name as the comment.
    • If the server name and lordname are not valid, rewards may not be given.
    • E.g.) 1st Place | Name: Nike | Comment: Peach Garden CMNike

Soo how does this work?? Do i need to play gods quest to do the quizs?? To get rewards on three kingdoms?!