Orpheus Story Server Shutdown Notice

Hello, it’s been a while. I’m Nike.

I regret to inform you, my lords, who loved and cared about Orpheus Story so much for so long, about sad news.

The servers are going to be shut down next Monday.

We thought that, with the apps pulled down from the stores, maintaining the servers only would be no problem but the Google policy that requires 64-bit support and the development version that keeps changing brought develpomental issues.

Gods’ Quest and Three Kingdoms are prepared for such changes but since Orpheus Story has the system developed in 2013, we are having difficulty dealing with those changes.

To live up to the passion and love you’ve shown us, we strived to maintain Orpheus Story, but after discussions we made the decision to end the service.

We greatly thank you for all the contribution and love since the very launch of Orpheus Story.

Thank you very much for having loved Orpheus Story.